Grace Aquilina — copy eDitor

Grace Aquilina is an undergraduate at Duquesne University, where she majors in English Literature and minors in Philosophy and Women’s Studies. She interns for PGH Christian Studies, an ecumenical group focused on connecting college students to the Christian intellectual tradition, and Convivium, a faith and art literary journal. Grace has published with Angelus magazine and Ave Maria Press.


Timothy Barr — eDitor

Timothy Barr is a postdoctoral fellow at Northeastern University. His dissertation, Without Apparent Occasion: Melancholy and the Problem of Motive in Baroque England, looks at how various discourses sought to understand feelings that had no apparent cause, reading works from medicine, theater, emblem books, dialectic, and political philosophy. In addition to a continuation of this research, he is currently working on the early stages of a podcast, Gut Check, that explores the meaning of modern feelings like “grinding” at work and FOMO.


Kirsten Hall — Contributor

Kirsten Hall is a doctoral candidate studying eighteenth-century British literature in the Department of English at The University of Texas at Austin and a Graduate Fellow at the Austin Institute. Her dissertation looks at the way English Enlightenment-era novelists created a new model of Christian heroism to address what they saw as their culture turn towards classical morality as an alternative to Christianity. Her work has been published in academic journals like Renascence, Eighteen-Century Fiction, Romanticism, and The Burney Journal and general audience publications like The New Atlantis and The Weekly Standard.


Terence Sweeney — Contributor

Terence Sweeney is a doctoral candidate in the Villanova University Philosophy Department. He holds the Theology-Philosophy Fellowship and works on philosophical theology in the Continental tradition. His dissertation is on Augustine and the ethics of participative community. His work has been published in Heythrop Journal, the American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy and Theology, and Logos. He has also written for First Things, America Magazine, Dappled Things, and Church Life Journal.




Ena Marija Gojak — PODCASTER

Ena Marija Gojak is currently working on a project concerning aesthetics and philosophy of nature in German Idealism and Romanticism. She did her BA at Bard College Berlin on the relation between philosophy and lyric poetry in Plato’s dialogue Phaedrus. She completed an MPhil in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at KU Leuven with a thesis on Plato’s philosophy of nature in the Timaeus. She also studied philosophy, art history and literature at the New School for Social Research, University of Chicago, Freie Universität and University of Zagreb.


Owen Joyce-Coughlan — PODCASTER

Owen Joyce-Coughlan is currently pursuing a PhD in Theology at the University of Chicago. He did his BA at University College Cork in Philosophy and English Literature. He completed a Master's in Continental Philosophy at the University of Sussex and an MPhil in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at KU Leuven. His thesis is on the relationship between philosophy of nature and mysticism in Meister Eckhart, Nicholas of Cusa and Giordano Bruno.